2018 Board Election Candidates

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2018 Board Election Candidates

Nominations for the 2018 IGDA Chicago Board Elections have closed and elections are about to begin.

We have four nominees running for three available seats on the Board of Directors. We have provided their candidate statements below so you may review who has stepped up to run.

If you are a paid IGDA member, please watch your inbox for voting instructions.

2018 Candidates


Sam Bond

As with many of us in the games industry, I don’t see myself as having one role anywhere. I’m a Certified Medical Illustrator and 2D artist; I’m an educational games theory researcher, a teacher, a learner, a programmer, a designer, a builder, and a gameplayer. In an organization with such a wide range of skills, the IGDA allows its members to display and embrace their roles without labeling, integrate and understand fellow members, and discover more about their own interests through exploration and opportunity. As a 2017 Women in Games Ambassador for the IGDAF (now the Viscosity program), I was so apprehensive about my future in games. I asked constantly if I was really good enough to be involved, if a medical illustrator belonged in games, if I would be accepted as a young woman with little job experience. Then I was given the opportunity to explore my own paths and carve out new friendships; I was able to see that through my membership in the IGDA, I was, all at once, all of my roles without sacrifice.

I’ve been teaching medical game development at the University of Illinois at Chicago in the Biomedical Visualization program for almost three years, building freelance games and playtesting for friends when I can. This spring, I’ll be starting as the director of our new undergraduate program in Life Science Visualization. When I see a good opportunity, it doesn’t take me too long to assess things, put in the work, and give it my all. My experience with the IGDA has been groundbreaking for the ways and the content that I teach. If I’m able to serve on the board, I feel I could bring a genuinely unique perspective, along with a drive and a commitment for an organization that has given so much to its members. The IGDA has done so much for me. I’m very eager to start giving back.

Thank you kindly for your consideration, and have a wonderful holiday!


Josh Delson

I’m pretty integrated with all the major game development schools in Illinois (DePaul, Columbia, COD, Bradley, Elmhurst) and mentors a ton of undergraduates in helping break into the game industry. The most recognized work I’ve done in Chicago was starting the Junior Development Experience to accommodate student developers. There is so much potential Chicago’s industry has to offer and my goal would be bringing the communities together. I’m pretty known for organizing events and loves hosting/promoting events targeted towards game developers. Due to my community management success, Alex Seropian (CEO/Creator of Halo/Bungie & Chicago native) hired me specifically as an Events Specialist at Electronic Arts (EA). I hope this gives a tiny glimpse of what I can offer as a Board Member (Also the IGDA site states 3 Board positions, but not the actual titles).

Something random I believe in, is that the largest room in the world is the ‘room for improvement’. It would be an honor to continue the legacy and improve Chicago’s IGDA Chapter with upcoming events in 2019. Feel free to let me know if there are any questions, comments, or concerns.

Ryan Sizemore

The game industry has always been a major driver in my life as I’m sure it has been with many of you. I knew from an early age that I wanted to be part of it, to create these things that bring so much joy and wonder to those that play them. And as I further pursued a career in games, I found the community of game devs to be one of the best that I’d been a part of and I knew that I wanted to contribute to its growth.
I am already an active member and volunteer of the IGDA Chicago chapter, attending as many events as possible, going to volunteer meetings, and helping whenever possible. Outside of that, I have also given intro 3D modeling talks to encourage others who may find interest in it as I did. As a game artist, I feel there could be more representation and activities for art within the chapter. If elected as a board member, I will push to move the chapter forward and to include more focused events, discussions, and resources that will help the members and hopefully the video game development scene as a whole in Chicago.


Chris Weiss

I’ve been working as a professional in games since 2011, taking on a multitude of roles from QA to design to production. Paired with my work running an independent studio, I have vast insight into the struggles and boons of our industry. My goal is simple: I wish to improve the issues we face daily as game developers as well as boost our local devs in Chicago to give them the appreciation they deserve.

I sat in a temporary seat on the IGDA Chicago board in 2018, and have been volunteering for the organization during previous years for events such as GDC. I hold skills outside of game development that may also prove useful for the association, such as film and photography, digital marketing, business development, and community management.

I look forward to seeing the continued growth of the IGDA as well as the Chicago game developer’s culture.

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