IGDA Chicago Board of Director Elections – 2013 Candidates

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Nominations for the 2013 IGDA Chicago Board Elections have closed and elections are about to begin.

We have 5 nominees running for 5 available seats on the Board of Directors. We have provided their candidate statements below so you may review who has stepped up to run.

If you are a paid IGDA member, please watch your inbox for voting instructions.

2013 Candidates
Heather M Decker-Davis

Candidate Statement

Chicago has a fantastic and diverse game development community and my goal is to keep bringing all of us together for great events so we can continue to grow and thrive as colleagues and friends. Inevitably, we will end up showing the entire country that the Midwest is a powerful force of creativity and determination. We can do so many great things as a united force!

In the coming term, I aspire to see IGDA Chicago continue to collaborate … Read More »

2013 IGDA Chicago Board Elections

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It’s been an exciting past two years for the IGDA Chicago Chapter and we thank you all for your support! The 2013 IGDA Chicago Board Elections will be coming up in December and our local members will be voting on five available Board seats. The newly elected Board will volunteer their time and energy to move the chapter forward in the direction they feel most represents the will of the membership and the good of the chapter.

At this time we would like to open the floor to nominations for seats on the Board.  Please consider your recommendations carefully, as the Directors of the organization are representative of you as the membership.

If you are nominating yourself, please send a short candidate statement to info@www.igdachicago.com that we can post for the membership. If you are nominating someone else, please be sure to … Read More »

The New IGDA Chicago Board

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(originally posted on Built in Chicago)

Today, after an official election and a lot of work, IGDA Chicago can proudly announce its official formalization with elected board positions. There’s a story behind this, though; it didn’t happen overnight.

A little over 2 years ago the dream of a new IGDA Chicago began with Neal Sales-Griffin. After Neal: Heather Decker-Davis, Jay Margalus, Sheri Rubin, and now Christian Arca. Here we are.

The IGDA Chicago board is comprised of entrepreneurs, developers, teachers, industry professionals, and combinations of all of the above. People passionate about Chicago, about games, and about the individuals at the intersect of both of those communities. An organization as diverse as the group it represents.

After over a year of successful events — from the Chicago Games Showcase to guest speakers Eugene Jarvis and Ian Schreiber — our organization of game industry professionals … Read More »

IGDA Chicago Board of Director Elections – 2011 Candidates

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Hi All,

Elections for the IGDA Chicago Board of Directors are about to get underway (December 12th). We have 7 nominees running for 5 seats. We present to you the candidates for the IGDA Chicago BoD below so you can review who it is that has stepped up and is asking for your vote to let them help run IGDA Chicago.

If you are a paid IGDA core member please keep an eye on your inboxes tomorrow for your link to vote.

Stay awesome!


(The following are presented in alphabetical order by last name.)

Christian Arca:

For the past 4 years the one constant in my life has been the game industry. I began at Agora Games in Troy, NY where I worked with amazing people in a small team. As time passed Agora grew and so did the industry. Soon enough I wasn’t just working … Read More »

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