Chicago Game Jam

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Today I’m happy to announce the second annual Chicago Game Jam, scheduled from September 28-30 at The Nerdery. Last year’s event saw groups competing throughout the weekend to produce innovative games based around the theme of “Chaos Theory.” One of those teams has since gone on to make the critically acclaimed mobile game Organ Trail. Another, Team Sweet, continues to work together on designing games.

I cannot stress enough the comradery and promise for opportunity that you will experience at this event. Game jams are the embodiment of what IGDA Chicago stands for: bringing people together to improve the craft of game development and foster a community of inspiration.

Whether you’ve participated in 20 game jams or none, you are welcome to sign up and join us for what will be another exciting weekend of fun, inspiration, and game development.

Thank you,
Jay Margalus
Chair, IGDA Chicago

Chicago Summer of Arcade

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Edit (9/14): We are proud to announce that Epic Games will be sponsoring this event!  Food and drinks will be provided free of charge.

I’m happy to announce our first paid event, “Chicago Summer of Arcade,” featuring Dave Lang of Iron Galaxy and Josh Tsui of Robomodo.


Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy.
Josh Tsui, President and co-founder of Robomodo.

Downloadable products are the future of the games industry; from the rise of platforms like Steam to console download services like XBOX Live Arcade (XBLA) and Playstation Network (PSN), the method by which we distribute games has changed dramatically in only a handful of years. Between July 18th and August 15th this summer, five lucky downloadable titles were included in an XBLA promotion called the XBOX Live Summer of Arcade. Those games were Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Wreckateer, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Deadlight, … Read More »

Two New Videos Posted

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We recently posted two new videos from our events on the IGDA Chicago YouTube Channel.  Go watch “You’ve Graduated, Now What” and our recent “Meet the Press” videos (and many more) right now!

Post-mortem: IGDA Chicago + Techweek Gaming Lounge

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On April 12 I sent out a message on the IGDA Chicago Facebook group: “Wouldn’t it be neat if we held the 2nd annual IGDA/ICG ‘Chicago Games Showcase’ at Chicago Tech Week? Can anyone help get us in the door?” Three weeks later we were in, and thus began two months of non-stop Techweek work during most of my free waking hours.

This writeup isn’t just a post-mortem of the IGDA Chicago’s Techweek Gaming Lounge, but of everything leading up to it. That includes analysis of our communication with our studios, organization of the event, press we did for the event, execution of the Gaming Lounge, and much more. But before I continue, I want to emphasize two things:

Overall, I consider the IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge at Techweek a great achievement of the new IGDA Chicago Board. Bringing together 15 studios … Read More »

IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge Profiler – Day 1, “Reign of Thunder”

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Following up their recent release of F.3.A.R., Day 1 is going back to its MechAssault roots with its newest game Reign of Thunder, a free-to-play mech shooter. We haven’t seen a mech title around in a while so the promise in bringing the game style back, plus running it as an F2P venture, are an exciting mixture that I can’t wait to see.

Day 1 has also been a constant contributor to the Chicago games community, from co-hosting Chicago Industry Nights to offering their advice and resources to the IGDA Chicago.

Come see Day 1 and Reign of Thunder at the IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge from June 22-25. More information here.

Press Release:

Day 1 Studios is a leading independent developer dedicated to the craft of creating revolutionary, interactive entertainment.

Day 1 Studios was founded in 2001. Led by FASA … Read More »

IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge Profiler – Iron Galaxy, “Wreckateer”

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Iron Galaxy, a Chicago studio with a lot of hefty title development work under its belt (Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, co-developed Kinect Space Pop, co-developed YDJK for Xbox360, PS3, Wii, and more), are releasing their first original IP this summer named Wreckateer.

I’ve played Wreckateer, and I really enjoyed the game (the again, who doesn’t enjoy destroying castles?). I’ve seen people compare it to Angry Birds, and while the comparison may be apt in the way of core mechanics (that have existed well before Angry Birds was a game), I actually had much more fun playing Wreckateer.

Wreckateer is also in Microsoft’s “Summer of Arcade” with another Chicago game showing at Techweek, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.

Come see Iron Galaxy and Wreckateer at the IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge from June 22-25. More information here.

For more … Read More »

IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge Profiler – Toy Studio, “Word Off!”

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Toy Studio and their new game “Word Off!” do some pretty inspiring things with new HTML5 standards.  From a technical standpoint, I’ve been incredibly impressed with what they’ve done.  From a game’s standpoint, “Word Off!” is an extremely fun new take on word game mechanics.

You may also know Toy Studio from their hosting of the first annual “Chicago Game Jam.” Overall, these guys run a really exciting new company doing a lot of cool things in Chicago.

Come see Toy Studio and “Word Off!” at the IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge from June 22-25.  More information here.

Press Release:

Word Off! is a competitive word game with strategy elements by Toy Studio. You’ll need to plan a strategy carefully within 15 turns. Spell incredible words to gain the most points and territory on the board or strategically expand your reach to … Read More »

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