How Digital Distributor Steam is Picking up Steam

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I wrote an article for NBC Chicago about Lunar Giant’s experience with getting on Steam.  Check it out, and feel free to send it to any of your friends looking to get published.

David Wolinsky Moderating “Chicago’s Summer of Arcade”

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Dave has been a friend and consultant to IGDA Chicago since basically the beginning, so I’m really excited to announce that he’ll be moderating our “Chicago’s Summer of Arcade” event on the 26th (if you haven’t yet purchased tickets, get them here).


David Wolinsky is an internationally published writer, critic, and the co-author of a book from The Onion’s A.V. Club, the straight journalism side of one of the nation’s biggest and most respected satire publications. He’s also part of the management editorial teams at NBC Chicago and adultswim.com and has nabbed all these positions without taking a single journalism class. His degree is in music business from Middle Tennessee State, which is why he also thinks anyone who wants to write for a living can, if they’re determined enough. He’s also working on another book, writing a handful of scripts (including an … Read More »

Epic Games Sponsoring “Chicago’s Summer of Arcade”

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I’m happy to announce that Epic Games is now sponsoring “Chicago’s Summer of Arcade.”  Free food and drinks will be provided.  Big thanks to Josh Tsui and Jared Steffes for making this possible.

Event Information

Dave Lang, CEO of Iron Galaxy.
Josh Tsui, President and co-founder of Robomodo.

Downloadable products are the future of the games industry; from the rise of platforms like Steam to console download services like XBOX Live Arcade (XBLA) and Playstation Network (PSN), the method by which we distribute games has changed dramatically in only a handful of years. Between July 18th and August 15th this summer, five lucky downloadable titles were included in an XBLA promotion called the XBOX Live Summer of Arcade. Those games were Tony Hawk’s Pro Skater HD, Wreckateer, Dust: An Elysian Tale, Deadlight, and Hybrid. Out of those five games, two (Iron Galaxy’s Wreckateer and Robomodo’s … Read More »

An Indie Take on an Old Machine

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This guest post is by local game developer Andy Saia of Indie City Games and WMS Gaming.

Call it nostalgia if you must, but there are few memories in a game developer’s life as visceral as the feeling of standing at an arcade cabinet, surrounded by a group of your friends, frantically hammering buttons to save your life and destroy your enemies. We all have experienced the camaraderie of sharing a quarter so our friend can help us beat the boss of our favorite beat ‘em up, or have felt the sense of accomplishment when we’ve sunk that last minute half-court shot in NBA Jam.

These feelings are what the Indie City Games group is hoping to capture by building Chicago’s first indie game powered arcade cabinet. In a similar vein to the Winnitron and the Torontron, the arcade cabinet will act … Read More »

Chicago Game Jam Sponsors

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I’d like to set some space aside on this website to thank this year’s Chicago Game Jam sponsors.

Game jam sponsors play an important part in ensuring the fun and competitive nature of the event. If this year’s lineup of sponsors for the Chicago Game Jam have anything to say for its quality, then we’re going to have one heck of a weekend! In no particular order, here’s a list of sponsors and what they’re contributing:

The Nerdery

Hosting: Our gracious hosts this year; thanks, guys!

Iron Galaxy

Prizes: Copies of Wreckateer


Prizes: Copies of Shroud


Prizes: Skateboard decks

The Men Who Wear Many Hats

Prizes: Organ Trail copies

Jellyvision Games

Prizes: Copies of the newest You Don’t Know Jack game on PS3

Slots are still open, but going fast for the Chicago Game Jam!  If you’d like to join us for a weekend of hardcore game development, sign up below!

Event Registration … Read More »

Back To Basics Or Bust

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This article, by local journalist David Wolinsky, is the first in a series of video game related guest posts by local writers and press.

Somewhere around August 2000, Nintendo solidified its position as the gaming industry’s indisputable pioneer when EarthBound 64 got the axe.

I’ll give you a moment to process this, but it’s true. Look at what came after the N64: tiny little discs, motion controls, and an iPad with handles. None of these are gaming’s future. I won’t speak out of turn or stray too far from the topic at hand, since some of this is due to Nintendo’s highly secretive nature, but last year at E3, I spoke to oodles of developers who were perplexed by Nintendo’s new console thingy. I explained the Wii U to developer after developer in private demos – where they had to be instead of Nintendo’s press … Read More »

Chicago’s “Meet the Press” Event

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In full video form for your viewing pleasure.

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