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VentureBeat Highlights Chicago Indies

Posted on October 24th, by Nicholas Cassleman in Chicago Game, Featured, Games Press. No Comments

The rising glory of Chicago’s indie scene continues to spread. In the recent VentureBeat article, “Who needs triple-A? These 10 next-gen indie games look amazing,” Octodad: Dadliest Catch (Young Horses) and Ray’s the Dead (Ragtag) shine for their stunning potential in the next generation of indie releases. After some quick calculations, we can safely extrapolate that Chicago thus represents ~20% of all awesomeness, so keep up the great work everyone!

Read the full article.

Toy Studio releases new word puzzler, Swqords

Posted on July 19th, by Nicholas Cassleman in Chicago Game, Games Press. No Comments

Chicago developer and long-time supporter of IGDA Chicago, Toy Studio, stretches our minds yet again with the release of their new word puzzle game, Sqwords. With gameplay blending the creative word generation of crosswords and the logical placement tiles in Sudoku, players must arrange letters in a square grid, ensuring that each row and column spells out a word.

Toy Studio, which helped host the first Chicago Game Jam, develops games for mobile and social platforms on iPhone, Android, and Nook. Several of their previous puzzle games, including The Curse, have found success in the last few years. Their commitment to high-quality games and their involvement with the Chicago game development community are just two reasons why Toy Studio rocks!

Learn more about the game and see the trailer on the game’s website:
You can buy the game on the App … Read More »

Chicago’s Peapod Labs continues to dish out top-notch educational apps

Posted on July 3rd, by Eric Shofe in Featured, Games Press. No Comments

Peapod Labs is focused on creating learning experiences both in the physical and in the virtual world. Their goal is to apply user-centered design and current technology breakthroughs to rethink existing teaching tools, methods, and techniques and come up with new innovative ones.

With more than 15 educational apps currently available for download from the app store, Peapod Labs is serious about learning. Co-founders Guillermo Krovblit and Junyoung Yang met at the Illinois Institute of Technology and they launched the company’s first iPad and iPhone app—ABC Wildlife—in summer 2010. Peapod Labs leverages the Institute of Design’s iterative design process, “make to know”, in order to identify and analyze needs, synthesize, develop and test solutions.

See more of their work at

Chicago Indies Featured on PS4 at E3

Posted on June 28th, by Nicholas Cassleman in Chicago Game, Featured, Games Press. No Comments

Chicago’s on fire again, but you’ll want to stay inside for this one. We’ve seen the steady glow of success from indie developers in Chicago recently, but at E3 this year, we saw a pair of trailblazing Chicago indies highlighted in a whole new field—next generation consoles.

During their press conference at E3 earlier this month, Sony showcased a number of indie games with upcoming releases on the PlayStation 4. Out of the eight games demoed, Chicago cheered twice for their own: Young Horses and Ragtag both appeared on stage to share their respective games Octodad: Dadliest Catch and Ray’s the Dead. Both games have been Greenlit on Steam, but they will make their console debuts alongside the other previewed games on the PlayStation 4.

Sony will be releasing the PlayStation 4 at the end of the year, and with it, the ability for small … Read More »

Dog Sled Saga

Posted on May 16th, by Heather Decker in Games Press. No Comments

Dog Sled Saga, a desktop and mobile racing game by Dan FitzGerald and Lisa Bromiel, spent April 30th as the Project of the Day on Kickstarter, just a few days after beginning their campaign.

The game currently has eight days left to raise funding and is presently approaching its $11,000 Stretch Goal of “Embarrassing Instrumental Demo Bonus Tracks on Soundtrack.”

Opinion: My Opinion is Worthless

Posted on October 15th, by dwolinsky in Featured, Games Press. 1 Comment

“Time is the thing we have the least of… I don’t want people to waste their time on something they’re not going to enjoy.”

That’s what Arthur Gies, the reviews editor for Polygon says at the outset of the publication’s latest episode of its navel-gazing web series, Press Reset. The episode, the series’ seventh, is titled “FunFactor™,” which I assume is a nod to the jargon and useless lingo game critics have invented to articulate to readers whether a game is good or bad. At the end of the day, that’s all we really care about, right? Traditionally, games are supposed to be fun, and they either are or aren’t.

I doubt anyone will disagree with me there.

But the problem I have as a game critic, a member of the media, and as a regular human being is the implication that Game Critics … Read More »

How Game Devs are Hurting Kickstarter

Posted on September 25th, by dwolinsky in Featured, Games Press. No Comments

There was a time when Kickstarter was fresh and new and exciting. It was the Old West: a little bit dangerous and a lot bit uncharted territory. Folks wanted to get their obscure out-of-print camera parts made or a super-powerful bike lock produced. That made sense. They’d more than meet their goals, and with it, a concept known as “super-funded” came about. It’s when people ask for, say, $20,000 and make $20 million.

That’s a hypothetical.

And then, invisibly, that’s when Kickstarter began to mutate from a crowd-funding DIY love-fest to what it’s slowly becoming for some more disingenuous entities: a marketing platform. That is, people (or companies, mainly) started using Kickstarter not really caring whether they met their goal. What they were striving for was attention in the gaming media that they’ve reunited and are interested in making something new — … Read More »

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