Looking Forward to 2019

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Elections will be kicking off soon and we’re very fortunate to have a group of fantastic people from the Chicago community running!

After over seven awesome years on the IGDA Chicago Board, I will be taking a step back to refine the focus of my volunteer activities and tune my industry-life balance.
Rather than just disappearing into the shadows, I wanted to thank you all for the wonderful experience and for making IGDA Chicago a truly excellent chapter of the International Game Developers Association. We’ve come so far since the reboot in 2011 and we’ll no doubt continue to grow and evolve as a community!

Over the past year, I’ve been working closely with Ross Hersemann in preparation for his transition to Chair.  I’m looking forward to seeing what Ross, Tom Caprel, and our three newly elected board members have in store for us … Read More »

Dive Kicks

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It has been an exciting few months for Chicago’s One True Game Studio and Iron Galaxy during their release of legendary 2D fighter, Divekick. The game has magnificently has leaped out of their studios and into our hearts in a series of flying feet to the chest. Wikipedia may call it a parody fighting game, but that’s only because they failed out of the qualifying round in the Divekick tournament. There is no questioning that only the most skilled will emerge victorious.

Proceeding the game’s launch, Iron Galaxy released two hilarious installations of “Divekick – Making of the Game.” You can really tell they put their soles into the game into that last one. Following the release, the team hosted a panel and tournament in conjunction with IGDA Chicago. If you missed the event, you can still imagine you were there, enjoying the glory … Read More »

Registration Still Open For Brenda And John Romero Event

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Registration is still open for our June meeting: An Afternoon With Brenda and John Romero

Attendees can register here: http://afternoonwithbrendaandjohnromero.eventbrite.com/

How does the guy who made Quake tackle a new genre?

How does the designer of Train approach a new platform?

This is YOUR chance to ask!

If you have ever wanted a chance to pick the brains of two of the industry’s top game designers and entrepreneurs now is your chance to do it! This event is designed to have a large Q&A portion with questions being culled from the audience so that you have the unique opportunity to find out exactly what you want to know.

IGDA Chicago will be sending out a call for questions beforehand to those who register for this event. Almost no questions are off the table (NDAs and … Read More »

Day 1 Affected – Check Your Emails!

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Hi all,

If you were affected in the Day 1 layoffs and agreed to be on the list given out by Day 1 please check your inboxes and spam folders. I just sent an email from sheri@designdirectdeliver.com detailing some additional global/local support that came in and could share now that I could email you all directly.

If you believe you were on that list, and you released your email, but don’t see an email please reach out to me directly at sheri@designdirectdeliver.com.

Stay awesome!

IGDA Chicago Board of Director Election Results

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Hello IGDA Chicago,

We did it!

We’ve successfully completed our first official IGDA Chicago Chapter Board of Director elections. Voting closed December 26th, 2011, and the newly elected officers will take office on January 1st, 2011. The elected officers are (listed alphabetically by last name):

Christian Arca
Heather M Decker-Davis
Jay Margalus
Sheri Rubin
Neal Sales-Griffin

Congratulations to our new Board of Director members!

For the stat lovers of the chapter here’s some visual displays of the results (click to see larger):

Now that elections are over, the new board of directors will work together to appoint a chair (and other officers) sometime in the next few weeks. This chair will serve as the Chapter’s main liaison to IGDA central.

Thanks to Andrew Leaf who worked the backend and verified the results and membership of voters.

Double-thanks to those of you who stepped up and voted!

If you have any questions for the … Read More »

More Help For Day 1 Affected

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Hi All,

I’m supposed to be getting the contact list from Day 1 from those who agreed to have their info given out. I’ll be using that list to send you all some offers of help that can’t go up on the blog or in the Facebook group.

If you are affected in the Day 1 layoffs and you did not agree to be on the list but you would like more info on the previous offers of help posted on here as well as what I’ve gotten from friends and colleagues throughout the industry please email me at sheri@designdirectdeliver.com.

If you’re reading this and you weren’t affected but know someone who was please make sure they see are posts and feel free to have them contact me ASAP.

Stay Awesome!

IGDA Chicago 2011 BoD Elections Continue

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The elections continue. They end on December 26th. Voting is underway!

What you need to know about voting:

Elections for the IGDA Chicago Board of Directors are underway (they started December 12th). We have 7 nominees running for 5 seats. We presented to you the candidates for the IGDA Chicago BoD  so you can review who it is that has stepped up and is asking for your vote to let them help run IGDA Chicago.

Learn more about the candidates at http://www.igdachicago.com/igda-chicago-board-of-director-elections-2011-candidates/

– Any paid member with a core, hardship or lifetime membership as of 12/1 is eligible to vote. Student and free members are not eligible.
– Vote for up to 5 seats. You may vote for fewer, but you may only cast one vote for up to 5 seats.
– Once you vote, you cannot vote again
– Duplicate votes will forfeit all votes, and … Read More »

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