Chicago 2013 Game Jam

The 2013 game jam saw over 40 participants producing over 9 games around the theme of “Death”. Below are links to their games, postmortems, and images related to the games. Give them a play.


9-5Game Name: 9-5
Team Name: Always Ponies

Game Description:

You are Death’s accountant. Your job is to meet your quota for souls before punching out at 5. Can’t meet the deadline? Prepare to suffer the consequences! Use your contractors the, Four Horseman of the Appocalypse to do the job even faster.

Game Link:


Grave Danger

Game Name:  Grave Danger
Team Name: HD Cheese

Game Description: 

Press Enter or Z on the keyboard or A on the first controller to proceed past the title screen and launch the game.

Keyboard and controller 1 are player 1.
Additional controllers will be players 2 through 4.

Keyboard: arrow keys to move, Z to attack/dig, and X to pick up nearby parts.

Controller: XBox 360 direction pad to move (only 4 directions), A (button 0) to Attack/Dig, B (button 1) to pick up parts.

Object is to dig (hold attack) on graves until emptied of parts. Kill enemies and allies for Parts.

Game Link:
Game Postmortem:


ludusGame Name: Ludus
Team Name: Team Ludus

Description: Atari style death game. Click on objects in the seen to kill as many people as possible.



Game Link:
Game Postmortem:

deathGame Name: Don’t Eat the Apple Tomorrow Harry
Team Name: Lost Puppies

Description: You are the guardian angel for Harry, a normal everyday accident prone Chicagoan.


Game Link:


Heart DiseasesGame Name: Heart Diseases
Team Name: Team Vicious Vices

Game Description:

(created for the IGDA Chicago Game Jam 2013)

Created by:

Whitaker Trebella (Programming, Music) –
David Mann (Art) –
Gerald Kelley (Art) –


(This game requires PS3 or XBox360 controllers)
For 2-4 players

This is a king of the hill style game. Infect the heart by getting on top of it and repel your rivals with your burst ability.
The first to fill their petri dish wins!


Move – Left Analog Stick (both PS3 and X360)
Burst Ability – PS3: X, X360: A

Game Link:


neuromancyGame Name: Necrolunacy
Team Name: Physics Barracuda

Game Description: It’s twin stick style controls, and you need xbox controllers to play it. But if you have all those things and three friends over, give it a shot.It’s a lot of fun.

Game Link:
Game Postmortem:


A metaphor for deathGame Name:  It’s a Metaphor for Death
Team Name:  TJ Jacobs, Kevin Folk, Tom Berg and Dan Bergren.

Game Description: Sometimes death is a gateway. Get keys and solve puzzles to win. Winner of the 2013 IGDA Chicago Game Jam.

Game Link:


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