Chicago, Rebuilding with Pizza

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So welcome to Chicago. About four years ago, one of the largest game development houses in our city closed shop, and after that, another followed suit (the former being EA Chicago, the latter Midway Games). A lot of people were laid off, and the Chicago games development community suffered because of it. A few local studios were founded in the aftermath, and this is where the current story of the Chicago games industry begins to pick up.

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  1. I moved from Atlanta to Chicago in June. Just now starting to recover. The pizza helped, likewise the hot dogs, likewise Jay Margalus’ blog about Chicago game development. Thank you Jay!

    I want to meet game developers of all stripes in my new city. I’d also like to help the Chicago Chapter any way I can.

    Before moving here I belonged to the IGDA Atlanta Chapter. I was/am active in the Georgia Game Developers Association. As a GGDA volunteer I help organize the Serious Games track of GGDA’s annual SIEGE Conference in October. SIEGE was attended by 1,100 registrants in 2010. More are expected in 2011. It’s grown into a big deal.

    I’ll be glad to help others create a meeting like that in Chicago, if it doesn’t already exist and it’s wanted! I gathered from Jay’s blog that things have been a little quieter here lately.

    A bit about me. I started Becker Multimedia in 1994. Professionally I design serious games and sims for corporate learning and communications.

    Philosophically I believe the division of entertainment and education in game dev is arbitrary. All games should be fun and taken seriously.

    So how do I meet new colleagues in Chicago? I’m based for now in Hyde Park. Are there Chapter meetings I can attend? Mailing lists I can get on? Memberships I can buy? I’ll google around.

    Ping me if you want to connect on LinkedIn. I will accept and try to meet in person before long.

    Cheers, Bob

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