GGJ12 Follow-Up

Posted on January 30th, by Heather Decker in Events. 1 Comment

GGJ12 Follow-Up

Global Game Jam 2012 concluded last weekend, a world-wide annual event in which jammers come together to rapidly make games within a common set of constraints and specified theme, over a 48-hour period.

This year, there were 10,684 participants registered from 242 official Jam Sites across 47 countries, who created approximately 2,320 game projects.

In Chicago, DePaul University ran a Jam Site for the annual DePaul Game Jam. You can check out pictures and video on their site, as well as the game projects that were created!

IGDA Chicago and DePaul are gearing up for a post-GGJ event in February, during which attendees can play the 2012 jam games and socialize! Stay tuned for details 🙂

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  1. igdachicago says:

    It’ll be February 15th! Check it out on the Chicago Events calendar… we’ll have more details on time and such soon.

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