GGJ Play Party 2014

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GGJ Play Party 2014

There was a fantastic line-up of games at the Global Game Jam Play Party last Thursday. Some were artistic, others experimental, while still some others were quirky and innovative in their own right. Most, if not all of them, gave their own take on this year’s GGJ theme: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Hosted by DePaul CDM, the Play Party featured 11 games, which were developed at both DePaul University and PETAL et al. during the Global Game Jam. From surreal Jean Giraud-inspired environments, to procedurally generated mazes, there was a wide range of games that kept people entertained throughout the night.

You could communicate with characters using a physical microphone in games such as A Night on the Town, frantically prepare for a party through a multi-perspective layout reminiscent of graphic novels in You Call This a Party?, and go on an auditory journey through 1980s America in the Choose Your Own Adventure-inspired game Precinct Midnight.

All in all, the Play Party was a huge success, just as the Global Game Jam was at DePaul University and PETAL et al. A huge thank you to everyone who came by and to Allen Turner for helping to co-organise the event!

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