GGJ Play Party 2015

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GGJ Play Party 2015

A diverse lineup of games was shown at the Global Game Jam Play Party this year, hosted once again by DePaul CDM. Dozens of people had fun scrambling for supplies in space stations, exploring a sequence of surreal vignettes, and wearing different hats. Six out of the twenty six games developed in Chicago were presented at the event, including:

  • Alone with Hats – A quirky 2D platforming game where players gain different abilities from wearing different hats
  • Cosmic Equalizer – A surreal 3D game that is “a space symphony about the inevitability of death” (play it here)
  • Project 2201 – Players memorization and hand coordination skills are put to the test in this top-down action game, where the input keys are randomized each playthrough (play it here)
  • Space Scavengers – In this 2D co-op game, players race to collect enough supplies from abandoned space stations before its imminent destruction
  • Two Rats, One Cage – A 2D puzzle game where players simultaneously navigate two rats out of a series of dangerous experiments (play it here)
  • Vision Quest – Players guide a fox, an eagle, and a fish in search of the sacred totems in this 3D adventure game (play it here)

Thank you to everyone who came by or presented their game, and to Allen Turner for helping to co-organise and photograph the event! Check out the photos for the party on IGDA Chicago’s Flickr page!

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