1/22/12 Meeting Minutes

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1/22/12 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

22 January, 2012

Meeting called to order 12:00 PM CST and closed 2:59 PM CST

Board Members in Attendance

Sheri Rubin, Neal Sales-Griffin, Jay Margalus, Heather Decker-Davis

Conferenced with Christian Arca via telephone for Motions


  • Board of Director Roles
  • Bylaws for IGDA Chicago
  • Other Chapter Charter Docs
  • Plan for Bank Account
  • Account Access
  • Mailing List
  • Events
  • Communication Plan
  • Promotion/Sponsorship
  • Voting
  • Misc

Motion Summary

Motion to appoint Jay as Chair, Heather as Secretary, Sheri as Treasurer, Neal as Multimedia Developer, and Christian as Biz Dev — Unanimously approved

Motion to amend IGDA Chicago Bylaws accordingly — Unanimously approved

Motion for proposed IGDA Chicago bank account — Unanimously approved

Next Meeting

To be held February 1st, 2012 at 6:00pm CST via Skype.

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