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GGJ Play Party 2015

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A diverse lineup of games was shown at the Global Game Jam Play Party this year, hosted once again by DePaul CDM. Dozens of people had fun scrambling for supplies in space stations, exploring a sequence of surreal vignettes, and wearing different hats. Six out of the twenty six games developed in Chicago were presented at the event, including:

Alone with Hats – A quirky 2D platforming game where players gain different abilities from wearing different hats
Cosmic Equalizer – A surreal 3D game that is “a space symphony about the inevitability of death” (play it here)
Project 2201 – Players memorization and hand coordination skills are put to the test in this top-down action game, where the input keys are randomized each playthrough (play it here)
Space Scavengers – In this 2D co-op game, players race to collect enough supplies from abandoned space … Read More »

GGJ Play Party 2014

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There was a fantastic line-up of games at the Global Game Jam Play Party last Thursday. Some were artistic, others experimental, while still some others were quirky and innovative in their own right. Most, if not all of them, gave their own take on this year’s GGJ theme: “We don’t see things as they are, we see them as we are.”

Hosted by DePaul CDM, the Play Party featured 11 games, which were developed at both DePaul University and PETAL et al. during the Global Game Jam. From surreal Jean Giraud-inspired environments, to procedurally generated mazes, there was a wide range of games that kept people entertained throughout the night.

You could communicate with characters using a physical microphone in games such as A Night on the Town, frantically prepare for a party through a multi-perspective layout reminiscent of graphic novels in … Read More »

Guest Post HD Cheese Game Jam Postmortem

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Chicago Game Jam 2013 Post Mortem

(Grave Danger by HDCheese)

The Team

Team HDCheese is:

 Mike Turano (programming
Brandon Sharas (art)

We had music assistance from the talented Marcus Bailey.

The Setup

We participated in the Chicago Game Jam 2013 at The Nerdery October 25 – 27. It is listed as a 48 hour

game jam, but was in reality more like 30-something hours. The theme was announced Friday night,

teams formed, and then everyone went home and came back out around 8 AM the next day to work

right through to the deadline the next morning. We came with our 2-man team already formed: a

programmer/artist team where I was doing the programming and Brandon was doing the art. I used

the excellent libGDX (a cross-platform Java framework somewhat similar to XNA in scope) to build

our game, with some small amount of my own code to handle game state management, some display

conveniences … Read More »

Hosting A Successful Game Jam

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Two years ago I hosted my first game jam. This was my first time organizing something involving so many creative individuals. Since it was just friends gathered in my then tiny apartment there really wasn’t much pressure. The event itself was more of casual riffing and hanging out. This year, I helped host the IGDA Chicago Game Jam. I was used to participating in game jams, but had never planned anything on such a large scale. This blog post will hopefully outline what I thought helped make it a success.


Had a Strong Team


No one can plan a game jam by themselves. You need a strong team to get stuff done. This event would not have been successful with the strong team of the IGDA Chicago.  Some people got the pizza, other awesome team members landed top … Read More »

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