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An Indie Take on an Old Machine

Posted on September 11th, by IGDA Chicago in Featured. 3 comments

This guest post is by local game developer Andy Saia of Indie City Games and WMS Gaming.

Call it nostalgia if you must, but there are few memories in a game developer’s life as visceral as the feeling of standing at an arcade cabinet, surrounded by a group of your friends, frantically hammering buttons to save your life and destroy your enemies. We all have experienced the camaraderie of sharing a quarter so our friend can help us beat the boss of our favorite beat ‘em up, or have felt the sense of accomplishment when we’ve sunk that last minute half-court shot in NBA Jam.

These feelings are what the Indie City Games group is hoping to capture by building Chicago’s first indie game powered arcade cabinet. In a similar vein to the Winnitron and the Torontron, the arcade cabinet will act … Read More »

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