10/18/2015 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

18 October, 2015

Meeting called to order at 1:43PM CST and adjourned at 2:24PM CST.

Board Members in Attendance

Sheri, Neal, Patrick, Eric, and Heather in attendance in person at Zynga Chicago.


  • Motions

  • Secretary Role

  • IGDAF Grant for a Video Camera

  • Harold Washington Library Collaboration

Motion Summary

Appoint Patrick as Co-Treasurer — Unanimously approved

Change Address To Patrick’s Address — Unanimously approved

Give Patrick Check Signing Authority — Unanimously approved

Get Patrick A Debit Card — Unanimously approved

Update Financial Policies (update Sheri’s email and update expense reimbursement form)  — Unanimously approved

Motion to approve new mission statement — Unanimously approved


Motion Summary

Board will decide on who will take the Secretary role after the election.

IGDAF Grant for a Video Camera

Board is investigating applying for an IGDAF Grant to purchase a video camera for use at events.

Next Meeting

Next meeting is November 1st.