1/14/18 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting and Volunteer Meeting
14th January, 2018
Meeting called to order at 12:55pm CDT and adjourned at 4:19pm CDT.
Board Members in Attendance
Attended by: Heather Decker, Ross Hersemann, Tom Caprel, and Ali Cedroni. Joined by David Olorundare, Rebecca Rothschild, and Amanda Hamrick during volunteer segment.
Absent board members: None

– Slam Dunk GGJ with Sarah Sexton – January 19th
– Career Workshop and Microtalks – February
– GDC Midwest Mingle – at GDC
– Post-GDC Meetup – March
– Spring Jam – April
– Galloping Ghost Field Trip – May
– Educational Games Panel – June
– eSports Panel – July
– Know Your Rights Talk – August
– End of Summer Picnic – September 2nd
– Spooky Game Jam – October 12-13
– Extra Life – November 4th
– Game Dev Holiday Mixer – December 11th

Meeting Notes
-Year in review: Broke even on most events with a small profit on the summer picnic. Considering raising ticket prices slightly to compensate for inflation and growing the size of our events without making it difficult for people to attend (would like to be able to bring in non-local speakers). Overall events went well, but we want to focus on building up some cash to run larger events.
-Retrospect events: Food is the main area for improvement, would like to be able to scale food in case attendance numbers fluctuate more than expected. Since both Extra Life and Holiday Mixer donate towards Children’s hospitals and are around the same time of year so we received less donations at the Holiday Mixer. Summer picnic location can be better communicated, would like to use the same spot.
-Budget: Paying for video editing. Waiting on buying a card reader. Looking into buying our own tables.
-Event pitches: Galloping Ghost Field Trip, rent a bus from the city to galloping ghost and host talks by old school game devs. Spring Jam, Game jam to bring together devs, marketers, lawyers and other specializations. Slam Dunk GGJ, Still finalizing venue but all else is organized. Career Workshop, pre-GDC prep to feature microtalks about networking etiquette, what to expect from large conferences, and rejection. Will also host stations for resume feedback, practice pitching, and mock interviews. Educational Games Panel, looking to host at Harold Washington in June. eSports Panel, July looking to have reps from ESL and MLG. Know Your Rights, August how to recognize a toxic work environment and what rights full-time and contract workers have. Looking into having tables at both Manifest and DePaul capstone event. Lastly we want to start using Twitch to steam talks and panels, this should also cut down our need for video editing. Will have moderators on the chat.
-Volunteer feedback: Finding events is difficult for people who don’t use facebook. Need to make sure all events are up on Chicago Makes Games faster. Would like more inter-chapter communication. Can better utilize hashtags.
-Final notes. Designed IGDA Chicago GDC ribbons. Talking of adding a fifth board member. Would like to assemble a meeting for all Chicago game groups to help each other with this next year of events.

Motion Summary
– Motion to approve funds for video editing – Unanimously Approved
– Motion to approve major pillars 2018 Forecast Budget (Tom to follow up with final version including new events for vote within the next two weeks) – Unanimously Approved