11/7/2012 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

7 November, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:02pm CDT and adjourned at 2:40pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by Jay, Jared, Neal, Sheri, and Heather via Skype.
Absent board members: none


North Star
Make Chicago a game development mecca by bolstering the community: bringing
people together, promoting community events, helping game developers make better
games, and bringing up the nascent indie community in Chicago.

To Keep in Mind
• Community outreach with local schools, press, investors, other professionals
• Bringing in a speaker
• Increasing our volunteer base

Old Business
1. Power Dinner – Late December

New Business
1. November Event – GREE
2. Chicago Toy and Game Fair
3. MK Game Night
4. December Event – Jared
5. Workshops
6. New Volunteer Structure
7. Updates

7.1. Jay
7.2. Sheri
7.3. Heather
7.4. Jared
7.5. Neal

Meeting Notes

Power Dinner in December
To be hosted at Wideload, finalizing details.

Everything is go for the GREE event.

We have five studios for Indianapolis and Chicago involved.

MK Game Night
We will add this event to Meetup.

December Event
Holiday party with charity aspects.
Consider not running with food to lower ticket cost.

Jay would like to reach out to more individuals to see if they’d like to host workshops.

New Volunteer Structure
Each board member gets 2 volunteers to assist with specific aspects of chapter upkeep. We should have volunteers appointed in January.