12/5/2012 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

5 December, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:00pm CDT and adjourned at 2:32pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by Jay, Sheri, Neal, and Heather via Skype.
Absent board members: Jared


North Star
Thought: Moving Chicago toward a community of studios who aren’t dependent on
outside money to sustain themselves, thus ensuring that we won’t have another EA/
Midway implosion.

To Keep in Mind

  • Community outreach with local schools, press, investors, other professionals

  • Bringing in a speaker

  • Increasing our volunteer base

Old Business

  1. Power Dinner

  2. Chicago Toy and Game Fair Review

  3. MK Game Night

New Business

  1. December or January Event – How to Survive a Game Jam

  2. January – DePaul Global Game Jam

  3. February Event – Play Party

  4. Budget Overview

  5. Volunteer Progress

  6. Updates

    1. Jay

    2. Sheri

    3. Heather

    4. Jared

    5. Neal

Meeting Notes

Agenda update: focusing on helping studios become more self-sustaining.

Power Dinner
We can also use it as an opportunity to reconfirm GGJ volunteers.
Maximum 14 people. RSVP, first come first serve.

Everyone thought it was very successful! It looks like we’ll be able to have a presence next year, as well.

MK Game night
Rescheduling this… try to avoid other events.

How to Survive a Game Jam
Late December event, or perhaps in January. This will be at DePaul.

DePaul GGJ runs the 25-27th – support the event (ensure they have mentors, sponsors, getting the word out.)

GGJ Play Party
Teams demo their games, then everyone can play them.

Some slight revisions to accommodate event changes, but otherwise looks solid.

All board members are working on securing two volunteers to assist with chapter tasks.