6/6/12 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

6 June, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:02pm CDT and adjourned at 2:41pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by: Jared, Sheri, Jay, and Heather via Skype

Absent board members: Neal


To Keep In Mind

  • Community outreach with local schools, press, investors, other professionals

  • Paid events

  • Paid sponsored “recommended professionals” page

  • Bringing in a speaker

Old Business

  1. Techweek

    1. Banner

    2. Panels

    3. Equipment/Furniture

    4. Room setup

  2. Getting More Help

    1. Volunteers for Techweek

    2. Volunteers for securing space

New Business

  1. Game Jam in October?

  2. Money procedures

  3. Updates

    1. Sheri

    2. Heather

    3. Jared

    4. Neal

Meeting Notes

  • Techweek

    • IGDA Chicago banner is printed, will be delivered to Jared

    • Neal is taking care of securing furniture and sponsorship

    • Heather will make a Google Doc for volunteer info.

    • Potential mixer at the The Emporium (Jared is working on it.)

  • Finance policy

    • Forms for board approval.

    • Use of funds: event expenses, any other expenses must be approved by the board.

    • Google spreadsheet for expense-tracking.

    • Create a yearly budget in the fall for the upcoming year.

    • Jay will be giving everyone full access to the info at igdachicago email account.

  • October Game Jam

    • We should do this again.

    • Collaborate with Indie City Games or Toy Studio.

  • Separate Meeting for Executive List Survey

    • Schedule a separate meeting to discuss the results of the survey. (Next week, June 13th.)

  • Summit Pass

    • Unclaimed pass to IGDA Summit, open to Jared or Neal.

  • In-Person Meeting

    • During Techweek (June 25th) after 5:30pm expo closing: a dinner meeting.

Motion Summary

Heather made a motion to approve the financial policy documents, unanimously approved.

Next Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, July 11th, 2012 at 2pm CDT via Skype.