7/11/12 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

11 July, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:02pm CDT and adjourned at 2:23pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by: Sheri, Jay, Neal, and Heather via Skype

Absent board members: Jared


To Keep in Mind

  • Community outreach with local schools, press, investors, other professionals

  • Paid events

  • Paid sponsored “recommended professionals” page

  • Bringing in a speaker

Old Business

  1. Techweek

    1. Post-mortem

  2. Volunteers

    1. Newsletter

    2. Studios list

New Business

  1. July Power Dinner

  2. July Event (Meet The Press)

  3. Chitag?

  4. Apprenticeships

  5. Investors Page?

  6. Updates

    1. Jay

    2. Sheri

    3. Heather

    4. Jared

    5. Neal

Meeting Notes

  • Volunteers: we’re tracking them in a list of people who have volunteered and what for, and another list to track projects they are assigned to.

  • July Power Dinner

    • Start getting involvement with planning events

    • Engaging outside the core game dev community

    • Techweek postmortem

    • Talk about getting active in ChiTAG

  • Jay is going to the Nerdery next week, all welcome to attend, too.

  • Neal is partnering with Citybuild, which organizes benefit concerts, coming to Chicago in August or Sept.

    • Interested in partnering with IGDA

    • High profile performers, events and activities

    • Want the tech community in Chicago more involved, get more awareness of the tech community in Chicago

    • Goal to get your ppl more involved in technology, entrepreneurship, etc.

  • August Event

Next Monthly Meeting

Wednesday, August 1st, 2012 at 2pm CDT via Skype.