9/24/17 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting and Volunteer Meeting
24th September, 2017
Meeting called to order at 12:30pm CDT and adjourned at 3:19pm CDT.
Board Members in Attendance
Attended by: Heather Decker, Ross Hersemann, Tom Caprel, and Ali Cedroni in person at Zynga Chicago; Alex Damarjian via phone.
Absent board members: Brian Eddy

– Spooky Game Jam on October 20-21st
– M+DEV on October 27
– Extra Life on November 4th
– Game Dev Holiday Mixer on December 12th
– Global Game Jam on January 26-28
– Global Game Jam Showcase in February
– GDC in March
Meeting Notes
– Looking for sponsorship and prizes for Spooky Game Jam. Location and event organization details have been solidified.
– Heather, Ross, and Tom will be heading to Milwaukee for M+Dev. Reminder to spread the word on social media.
– Ross is reaching out to various local studios for Extra Life hosting. Will continue speaking with more studios to expand to multiple locations.
– Holiday mixer will follow the same formula is past years. Still looking for sponsorship for raffle prizes and food. A new rule will be implemented to have board members abstain from entering grand prize raffle.
– Involvement will be minimal for GGJ, the last few years had low participation. We will most likely just be sending a few members to act as mentors for students at DePaul. Showcase may be skipped if participation is low again.
– We will be adding new volunteer jobs, specifically looking for “student ambassadors” for each of the local colleges and perhaps high schools to increase student participation. We will also be looking for social media organizer(s) and video editors. Job descriptions will be posted soon.
Motion Summary
– Appoint Ali Cedroni as Secretary – Unanimously approved