9/5/12 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

5 September, 2012

Meeting called to order at 2:04pm CDT and adjourned at 2:38pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by Sheri, Jay, Neal, Jared, and Heather via Skype .

Absent board members: none.


North Star

Make Chicago a game development mecca by bolstering the community: bringing people together, promoting community events, helping game developers make better games, and bringing up the nascent indie community in Chicago.

To Keep in Mind

  • Community outreach with local schools, press, investors, other professionals

  • Bringing in Money: Paid events, event sponsorships, organization sponsorships

  • Bringing in a speaker

  • Increasing our volunteer base

Old Business

1. Next Power Dinner

2. Iron Galaxy + Robomodo Event – September 26

2.1. Sponsors

2.2. Event Promotion

3. Chicago Game Jam – Nerdery (Sept 28-30)

3.1. Sponsors

3.1.1. The Nerdery

3.1.2. Iron Galaxy

3.1.3. Wideload

3.1.4. Cloakworks

3.2. Volunteers

3.2.1. social media

3.2.2. team mentors

3.2.3. checking people in

3.2.4. help with running event

3.3. Speakers

3.4. Judges

3.5. Event Promotion

Meeting Notes

Next Power Dinner

  • Jared is on it

Iron Galaxy + Robomodo

  • Further promotion

General Sponsorship

  • Food for an event

  • Sponsor the chapter directly

  • Software

Chicago Game Jam

  • Jared created a Facebook event

  • Will need more volunteers

  • Sponsorship is pretty solid for this event

Why Live in Chicago page

  • Find volunteers to populate this


  • Find ways to help our volunteers continue to grow our volunteer base

October Event

  • Get IGDA Scholarships talk

    • Heather

    • Sheri?

    • (more people?)

    • Contact Flashpoint

Year-End Events

  • November event

  • Holiday Party