Call for November Venues

IGDA Chicago is pleased to announce that Ian Schreiber (game designer, professor, speaker, author, and all around talented individual,) has offered to give two guest lectures in Chicago this month: one for students and one for professionals!

However, November has proven to be a rather tricky month and we’re looking for help from our local community! Do you have an awesome space that you’d love to show off with an IGDA Chicago event? Please contact us at!

Student Event Details

Target Time: 7:30pm November 26th, 2011

This talk will detail the darker side of the game industry, including topics such as unpaid overtime and diversity, which are important issues for students entering the field to be aware of.

Professional Event Details

Target Time: 7:30pm November 28th, 2011

This talk will cover exit strategies for persistent games (such as MMOs, social games.. anything with an active player community.) It’s important to decide ahead of time how things will play out if your game or company needs to shut down. Various case studies will be detailed.


Questions about these events? Interested in holding future events? We’d love to hear from you:!