Helping those affected at Day 1 and elsewhere

Hi IGDA Chicago,

As you may have seen in the gaming news Day 1 recently had to lay off a significant portion of one team. In addition to that I’m sure there are plenty of others who have been affected by prior layoffs or are just looking in general. Please keep an eye out on this website for information regarding some of the activities we here are doing to help those affected at Day 1 and elsewhere.

Also, please make sure you join our IGDA Chicago Facebook group  and follow us on Twitter (@IGDAChicago) to keep up on the latest events we’re holding as well as what the community is doing to help out. (Christian Arca from Toy Studio kicked things off with an offer from Toy Studio that was way cool – see the FB group for details.)

Also hoping to keep this party rocking is  former IGDA Chicago coordinator and all-around sweetheart Carrie Fowler who is stepping up as part of Global Talent Acquisition at EA. She says they have over 1,000 jobs available worldwide. Just email her at and she’ll work with her team to get you going and in touch with any EA studio you’re interested in. Just tell her IGDA Chicago/Sheri Rubin sent you!

I hope to have more updates for you all soon so keep your eyes posted here and in our FB and Twitter feeds for more!

Stay awesome!
(Co-organizer of IGDA Chicago)