Helping Those Affected by the Wideload Closure

As you may have heard, local Wideload Games was shuttered as a part of the Disney layoffs.

The community has also pooled together to share links to various opportunities available at companies such as:

Ryan Olsen has organized this information and more into a handy Google Doc, as well.

Additionally, Carrie Fowler is offering general help with resumes, etc. and will gladly connect people with opportunities at EA. Simply email her at

If you are among those affected, please be sure to join our IGDA Chicago Facebookgroup or follow us on Twitter (@IGDAChicago) so you can hear the latest about local events where you can network and find support.

Please reference our local developer list for additional avenues of communication and potential employment opportunities.

If you would like to offer support for those affected or share additional hiring information, please email