IGDA Chicago 2011 Elections Have Begun

The elections have started. They end on December 26th. Voting is underway!

My crack team (Andrew and I) were able to take the list of emails/names given to us by IGDA and figure out to the best of our abilities who was a full member. Then anyone whose account was shown to be a Full paid member was placed on a list for voting.

What you need to know about voting:

Elections for the IGDA Chicago Board of Directors are underway (started December 12th). We have 7 nominees running for 5 seats. We presented to you the candidates for the IGDA Chicago BoD  so you can review who it is that has stepped up and is asking for your vote to let them help run IGDA Chicago.

Learn more about the candidates at http://www.igdachicago.com/igda-chicago-board-of-director-elections-2011-candidates/

– Any paid member with a core, hardship or lifetime membership as of 12/1 is eligible to vote. Student and free members are not eligible.
– Vote for up to 5 seats. You may vote for fewer, but you may only cast one vote for up to 5 seats.
– Once you vote, you cannot vote again
– Duplicate votes will forfeit all votes, and voting for more than 5 candidates will also forfeit your vote. Voting for fewer than five candidates is acceptable.
– Voting closes on 12/26 at 11:59PM CST

Those eligible to vote should have received an email with the link to vote (check your spam filters if necessary).

*Note: The form allows you to vote for more than 5, however, any vote that includes more than five candidates will be forfeited.

Please include your name and email address to verify your vote. Incomplete submissions will not be counted.

So that’s the good news.

The bad news is that some of you are inevitably going to say that you’re a full paid member and should be able to vote but didn’t get that email. If that’s true and you do not receive an email today please send me an email at sheri@designdirectdeliver.com that tells me this. There are three likely reasons for this:

1) You are not a full, standard paid member (free and student members do not get to vote) after all. But hey, we warned you.

2) You signed up for your membership with the IGDA after we received our list from the IGDA of members in the area. (We’ll just need to verify with IGDA and then we’ll get you the link to vote.)

3) The IGDA  list did not show you with the proper membership status or a membership status at all. (Similar to #2 but this also means we just need to verify with IGDA.)

Everyone but #1 can be addressed for these elections, but we still encourage you to join the IGDA and fix #1 for next time. :>

If you have difficulty voting, or believe you should be eligible to vote, please contact sheri@designdirectdeliver.com.