The New IGDA Chicago Board

(originally posted on Built in Chicago)

Today, after an official election and a lot of work, IGDA Chicago can proudly announce its official formalization with elected board positions. There’s a story behind this, though; it didn’t happen overnight.

A little over 2 years ago the dream of a new IGDA Chicago began with Neal Sales-Griffin. After Neal: Heather Decker-Davis, Jay Margalus, Sheri Rubin, and now Christian Arca. Here we are.

The IGDA Chicago board is comprised of entrepreneurs, developers, teachers, industry professionals, and combinations of all of the above. People passionate about Chicago, about games, and about the individuals at the intersect of both of those communities. An organization as diverse as the group it represents.

After over a year of successful events — from the Chicago Games Showcase to guest speakers Eugene Jarvis and Ian Schreiber — our organization of game industry professionals is moving further forward.

What’s next?

Amongst the next six months: game jams and showcases, convention panels, post-mortems, and local meetups. Additionally, new events and initiatives to take the organizaiton further than last year. Most importantly, though, an organizational promise to further strengthen the benefits behind being a supporting member of our great institution.

So on behalf of the incoming IGDA Chicago board: Thank You, and we look forward to serving you in 2012.

Jay Margalus – Chair
Heather Decker-Davis – Secretary
Sheri Rubin – Treasurer
Neal Sales-Griffin – Media Director
Christian Arca – Business Development