6/6/13 Meeting Minutes

Board of Directors Meeting

6 June, 2013

Meeting called to order at pm 11:58pm CDT and adjourned at 12:59pm CDT.

Board Members in Attendance

Attended by Neal, Sheri, and Heather via Skype voice.

Absent board members: none


  1. Board Status

  2. John and Brenda Event

  3. IGDA Midwest Symposium

  4. Upcoming Events

    1. July

    2. August

Meeting Notes

Board Status

We need to appoint at least one new board member and determine the new chair.

Brenda and John Event




  • $20 at the door

  • $15 regular

  • $10 early bird

IGDA member 50% off

Heather will set up Eventbrite

IGDA Midwest Symposium

  • report from each IGDA Chapter or representative

    • Ouya/Wideload, C2E2, game night tournament, upcoming Brenda and John and more to come this summer. Consistently valuable programming to our audience.

    • Promoting local games on the site, as well as keeping up our blog and newsletter to keep the community engaged

  • Brief synopsis from each of us of what we would like to do to improve our local chapter

    • We’d like to plan events out further in advance

    • Continue to grow our volunteer base

Upcoming Events

  • July

    • Game tournament envision by Zax Pearson late July or in August

  • August

    • Ideas

      • Picnic / Social Board Game thing?

      • Email Exec list and see who is shipping games and might want to do a postmortem

      • Find a place to do Skype talks with remote speaker, do an informal poll to see what speakers people want to see

  • September / October

    • Chicago Game Jam

      • Sponsors?

      • Volunteers

        • reach out to people who consistency attend our jams and see if they want to help plan

  • General

    • Discipline-focused talks or panels

    • Event promoting the DIY game class David and Jay are teaching (student focus)

  • Power Dinners?

    • We’ll resume Power Dinners once we have the board re-established