IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge Announcement

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Over fifty video game companies are located in and around Chicago making hits like Mortal Kombat, Tony Hawk, and (believe it) Big Buck Hunter, as well as acclaimed indie games like Delve Deeper, Octodad, and Organ Trail.  On top of that, the social/mobile games market is exploding in our city with hits like Word Off! and Polymer breaking into the top of the charts.  This summer alone, Chicago will see the release of Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD, Wreckateer, Reign of Thunder, Organ Trail, Delve Deeper 2 , and many more games.

Yet few in Chicago know about its growing games industry — even those in the broader tech industry.

Last year, IGDA Chicago (with Indie City Games) hosted the first annual “Chicago Games Showcase,” attracting over 100 attendees and 15 studios for a day of gaming open to the public.  This year, we’re introducing the rest of the Chicago tech community to the game companies that are making waves in the industry.  We’re taking the show on the road to Chicago Techweek for five days.

Play games by the following studios at the IGDA Chicago / Techweek Gaming Lounge:

  • Cardboard Computer – Kentucky Route Zero

  • D20Studios, LLC – Hero Mages

  • Day 1 Studios – Reign of Thunder

  • Gimbal Lock Studios – Go Gimbal Go

  • Iron Galaxy – Wreckateer

  • Jellyvision Games – You Don’t Know Jack!

  • Lunar Giant – Delve Deeper 2, Mega Ran

  • Ragtag Studio – Puppy Panic, Unstoppable Fist

  • Raw Thrills – Big Buck Hunter, Terminator Salvation

  • Robomodo – Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD

  • Sinister Design – Telepath Tactics

  • The Men Who Wear Many Hats – Organ Trail

  • Toy Studio – WordOff!, BlastOff

  • Young Horses – Octodad

  • DePaul – Proppa


June 22-26
Merchandise Mart

For more information, visit http://www.igdachicago.com/games-lounge/ or http://techweek.com/