IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge Profiler – Toy Studio, “Word Off!”

Toy Studio and their new game “Word Off!” do some pretty inspiring things with new HTML5 standards.  From a technical standpoint, I’ve been incredibly impressed with what they’ve done.  From a game’s standpoint, “Word Off!” is an extremely fun new take on word game mechanics.

You may also know Toy Studio from their hosting of the first annual “Chicago Game Jam.” Overall, these guys run a really exciting new company doing a lot of cool things in Chicago.

Come see Toy Studio and “Word Off!” at the IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge from June 22-25.  More information here.

Press Release:

Word Off! is a competitive word game with strategy elements by Toy Studio. You’ll need to plan a strategy carefully within 15 turns. Spell incredible words to gain the most points and territory on the board or strategically expand your reach to capture your opponent’s home base for a quick and decisive win.


Original, competitive word game with strategy elements
Truly cross-platform gameplay
Play with friends in turn-based matches
In-game boosts
Profile stat tracking

“Word Off! is a true cross-platform experience,” said Evan Gilbert, Lead Programmer of Word Off!. “No matter where you login from, you are playing the same game with your friends no matter what device they use.”

Word Off! is created using the latest HTML5 technologies available. HTML5 allows seamless transitioning between devices and opens the door for friends to play together without having to worry about having the same kind of phone, tablet or computer. Never before has a turn-based game been so easy to play with so few barriers to let the words fly between you and friends.

With the turn-based, cross-platform gameplay, finally some age-old feuds can be put to rest. Android versus iOS, Kindle versus NOOK, Chrome versus Internet Explorer and others can finally be decided with a good choice of words.

As players submit words and plot a strategy, they can use in-game boosts that can aid them in that cause.

Word Off! is a free-to-play and available on iOS, Android and HTML5 compatible web browsers.

Visit http://www.wordoff.com to start playing Word Off!

About Toy Studio

Toy Studio is founded on the idea of connecting people through games that encourage meaningful social interaction with friends. Toy Studio designs games on three core principles: quality, innovation and community. Just as impressive as the care put into design, is the tech behind the scenes. Toy Studio is pioneering HTML5 development with its open sourced Cake.js and proprietary Icing cross-platform system, destroying barriers between platforms and opening the door for player freedom in the process. All from a comfy studio in the heart of Chicago.

Toy Studio’s games have been well received by players and media alike. Their apps have been featured by Amazon as “Free Apps of the Day,” Barnes & Noble on the NOOK family of devices, the Google Chrome Web Store and Word Off! garnering the honor of “Gaming App of the Day” by Kotaku among other notable recognitions.

Toy Studio also works with fellow developers to help publish their mobile games. It takes a lot of work to create an app, but it also takes an equal amount of work to bring it to app stores without it getting lost in the tidal wave of apps that release each and every day. Toy Studio approaches each game as if it were created in-house and treats developers as equals while doing the heavy lifting with submitting and promoting apps. Chicago developers interested in creating apps with their Cake.js HTML5 platform should contact Toy Studio for sponsorship opportunities.

For more information about Toy Studio, visit http://www.toystudio.com

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Twitter: @ToyStudioGames
Facebook: Facebook.com/ToyStudioGames
YouTube: YouTube.com/ToyStudioGames