IGDA Chicago Gaming Lounge Profiler – Iron Galaxy, “Wreckateer”

Iron Galaxy, a Chicago studio with a lot of hefty title development work under its belt (Street Fighter III: Third Strike Online Edition, co-developed Kinect Space Pop, co-developed YDJK for Xbox360, PS3, Wii, and more), are releasing their first original IP this summer named Wreckateer.

I’ve played Wreckateer, and I really enjoyed the game (the again, who doesn’t enjoy destroying castles?). I’ve seen people compare it to Angry Birds, and while the comparison may be apt in the way of core mechanics (that have existed well before Angry Birds was a game), I actually had much more fun playing Wreckateer.

Wreckateer is also in Microsoft’s “Summer of Arcade” with another Chicago game showing at Techweek, Tony Hawk Pro Skater HD.

Come see Iron Galaxy and Wreckateer at the IGDA Chicago & Techweek Gaming Lounge from June 22-25. More information here.

For more information on Iron Galaxy, Wreckateer, and other works of theirs, check out this Press Release.