Raw Thrills - Electronics/Computer Engineer


Raw Thrills, the leading US manufacturer of coin-operated video games, is looking for an enthusiastic Electrical or Computer Engineer to join our design team. You will work as a member of a small team on products that revolutionize the simulation and game industry by developing novel electronics systems. You will immediately contribute to the design and production of the electronics and computer components of the game design.

In addition to the internal team, you will work with partner engineering companies to develop and maintain products, and interact with contract manufacturers to troubleshoot issues as they arise on the production line. You will collaborate with other experienced engineers and programmers.

At Raw Thrills, our simulators and arcade games are designed entirely by our staff. We do all of the electrical and electronics engineering, mechanical engineering, software and art development. Our games are comprised of custom mechanical parts (wood cabinet, plastics, metals, etc.), an advanced PC workstation, large-format LED monitor, harnessing, electronics, interface devices, and custom game software. As part of the Electronics Engineering team, you will be involved in much of the arcade game’s design, from low-level circuitry to high level software.