Raw Thrills - Game Programmer


We are hiring programmers of all experience levels. Our company works in small teams in which all members pitch in on various aspects of the project. It’s a great opportunity for a beginner to learn, and a great opportunity for more senior programmers to shine.

Required Skills
• Passion for and knowledge of video games
• Diligent work ethic
• Bachelor’s degree or higher in Computer Science, Software Engineering, Math, Electrical Engineering or related field
• Ability to write robust and maintainable C/C++ code
• Ability to optimize code for real-time performance
• Knowledgeable in math related to 3D graphics
• Strong analytical thinking and problem solving skills
• Strong time-management, communication and organization skills
• Enthusiastic, self-motivated team worker
• Ability to work effectively on a small team
• Ability to think creatively and to resolve technical challenges and limitations
• Excellent time management skills